Combined Air Mechanical Services
1670 Finfar Court, Unit #3
Mississauga, ON L5J 4K1
(905)/(416) 458-1000

As a Combined Air Mechanical Services customer you have come to expect an exceptional level of service for a reasonable price.

At Combined Air we pride ourselves on delivering Value.

Surely you are aware of and probably experienced the shortage of skilled trades people. As a result of this shortage we have determined that the best way to service you, our customer, is to expand our skill set.

The expanded services we are offering include: Plumbing, Backflow Prevention and Drain Clearing. This is in addition to our current offering of mechanical services including Boiler Set-up and Maintenance, Heating (gas fired, hydronic and steam), Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Controls, and Energy Conservation (and other environmentally friendly strategies).

We can also assist your company to comply with current Water By-laws

Please contact our service department as you would for any other call to get service for your plumbing needs.